Curator based in London and Lisbon;

My research includes elements from Feminist, Queer, Crip, Affect and Posthuman theories, as well as fiction and performance art.

Upcoming Project: Oceanic Feelings, Eletro Studios, Hastings 

Opening: Friday 3rd September 6 - 9pm

Exhibition: 4 - 5th September 12 - 5pm

Oceanic Feelings is an exhibition and collaboration between artists Becky Beasley w/ Beatrice Tailby Hardstaff, Clare Burnett, Leah Clement, Sam Smith w/ Project Artworks & curator Mariana Lemos 

The project is spurred by a desire to recognise embodied experience as a source of knowledge. Thinking of feeling as a way to break free from the mind and body divide, and to connect us to the world: feeling as one, whole, but also dispersed and multiplied like water.

Electro Studios Project Space 

Generously supported by Arts Council England

Currently working as Studio Manager for Angela de la Cruz.

+ Editor at Mercurius 

+ Member and organiser of SALOON London

+ Member of FDRG reading group

+ Member and founder of Plants Speak, If We Listen

CV (short)


2018 to 2020 - MFA Curating, Goldsmiths  University of London 

2012 to 2015 - BA Fine Art, Goldsmiths  University of London


2021 March to present - Studio Manager for artist Angela de La Cruz 

2019 May to March 2021 - Union Pacific, London

Gallery Assistant supporting the two founding directors (part-time)

2015 January to 2018 June - Lisson Gallery, London

Executive Assistant to Nicholas Logsdail (Founding Director) 

and Artist Liaison (full time); 

Receptionist, Gallery and Art Fairs assistant (Full time)




2018 June to date - Feminist Library, London

Events Coordinator (as part fo Management group and Curatorial group)

2019 January to May - Black Tower Projects, London

Gallery and Programme Assistant (placement)



2020 Selected for the NEON Curatorial Award;

2019 Savile Club Post-Graduate Scholarship.


2021 August - Entanglements in Time, Lewisham Arthouse

Entanglements in Time is an exhibition at Lewisham Arthouse showcasing UK-based artists Bart Hajduk, Jasmin Märker, Kristina Pulejkova, Margo Trushina, Solveig Settemsdal and Yambe Tam, curated by Kristine Tan and Mariana Lemos. Shown together for the first time, the installation, virtual reality, drawing,  sculpture and video works challenge anthropocentric markers of temporality by examining timelines that stretch far beyond the duration of human existence. Neither optimistic nor pessimistic, the artists explore multiple ways of viewing ecological relationships. It is by acknowledging how we cannot extricate ourselves from this ‘mesh’ that we can look at ecology as a whole and acknowledge how we are intimately entangled with every living and non-living thing in time.

2019 June to date - Plants Speak If We Listen

It's an ongoing project of symposiums in collaboration with a working group of artists and researchers with an interest in more than human subjectivities. These events were formerly hosted by Black Tower and Chisenhale Studios, and include workshops, performances, lecture-performances and presentations led by the different participants, in an attempt to address different branches of the topic of nature in their work.

We are starting a reading group to take place at the Feminist Library. 


2020 February - As If, CCA Goldsmiths London

As If was a day of performances organised as part of the CCA public programme in support of exhibition Transparent Things, featuring performances by Verity Birt, Rebecca Jagoe, Reba Maybury and Korallia Stergides. This was a collaborative project with curators Harriett Henderson, Dot Jia, Clementine Proby and Melanie Scheiner, exploring ‘fictioning’ as a methodology for world-making. 


2019 March - The Table, Swiss Church London

The Table was an exhibition with artists Laura Mallows, Hannah Wilson, Rosa Johan Uddoh, Emily Perry and Munesu Mukombe; and a series of events including a screening of video art, performances, readings and workshops. The project aimed at challenging normalised power relations and discrimination, centred around the question “who gets a seat the table?”and working from within intersectional feminisms. 



2021 March - Practising a Sustainable Life: An Interview with Sara Rodrigues 

Interview with artist Sara Rodrigues about her project Landra, a self-sustaining farm and home in Portugal, built with her partner and artist Rodrigo B. Camacho. 

2021 January - Don't They Know It's the End of the World?

Discussing the film Soundings (2019) by artist Bronte Dow in relationship to ideas of the end of the world and posthuman feminism. 

2020 November - Agnieszka Polska –– Perfect Lives

For the occasion of Agnieska Polska's exhibition at Union Pacific, London

2020 June - Giovanni Copelli  — Amor Sacro

For the occasion of Giovanni Copelli’s exhibition at Union Pacific, London

2019 November -  Emily Perry — Boys on Film 

For the occasion of Emily Perry’s exhibition at Seventeen Gallery, London